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Parental Control Software For Mobile Phones, the most complete parental monitoring application, with more than 50 functions for you to monitor your son in real time without him noticing that is being watched. Without the need to ROOT (Rooting) the cell phone. Discover all the activities of the monitored mobile phone by your online control panel.

Gabriel Spy App for Mobile

Gabriel Spy

When purchasing a registration key for the Gabriel Spy application, you have our support 24 hours a day for configuration and installation of the software on the mobile phone.

Support 24 Hours

With our team Gabriel Spy, we provide personalized service for each client and for each situation. All issues are resolved on time.

Refined Functions

When accessing your dashboard, you have each function in its proper place. It's very easy to navigate through each function of our spy software.

Setting up the Spy control Panel

Guarantee and Satisfaction

Gabriel Spy guarantees 100% of the functioning of the application on the mobile phone if the device is compatible with the Spy Software, check the compatibility.

Secure Payment

Here at Gabriel Spy your payment is protected by our company and by the payment systems available on our Website. Here you don't miss anything.

Unbeatable Prices

We have the best price for the best software in the world, the only one with all the functions you need to monitor a mobile phone in real time without data loss.

Cell Phone Tracking With Gabriel Spy

Monitor Activities According to your Plan

After making the settings on the monitored cell phone, do the installation of the Gabriel Spy application. After the free trial of 2 days, if you want, just buy a registration key. Remembering that you can always go back and change your settings at any time using the Control Panel.

GPS Location

With Gabriel Spy you have a hidden GPS tracker. Thanks to our GPS tracking technology, locating your child is as simple as pushing a button.

Geofencing Location

This resource is used when you want to know the exact location of that cell phone you're monitoring! Use the Geolocation function and locate in some seconds the monitored cell phone.

Cell Phone Geolocation

You suspect something! Your son is lying, your girlfriend or boyfriend doesn't tell the truth. Does your husband work late on the weekends? Gabriel Spy is the right choice to discover the true.

Synchronized Data

With Gabriel Spy you will have no more headache wondering about captured information. All data are recorded and organized into your control panel in real time.

Control Panel

All you need in one place, interactive control panel with easy navigation. Monitoring tools with easy use and data reading.

Security & Technology

With Gabriel Spy you count on 128 bits and 256 bits encryption of data security. Your Access data is 100% safe with Gabriel Spy.

Navigation Activity

With the Gabriel Spy app you don't miss anything. You get access to WhatsApp logs, Facebook, Skype, apps installed and real-time email notification.

Best and Most Complete

Mobile Spy Software with more than 50 monitoring functions of Android cell phones. You can spy calls, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and much more.

Using the Control Panel Menus

Our Control Panel has several integrated tools, which record the activities of the monitored mobile phone, generating real-time reports, which can be filtered based on any option desired by the client user. Our spy app can help you to do accurate adjustments to your needs.

Cell phone monitoring with Gabriel spy


Our application Gabriel Spy has several monitoring tools without need to ROOT (Rooting). You don't need to Root the cell phone to get access to all functions, monitoring the 2 sides of the conversation, calls sent and received, WhatsApp, Facebook and more. REMEMBERING that only you have access to your control panel, with your login and password used to install the software.

User Control Panel

Our Gabriel Spy app for Android phone provides you a unique and exclusive virtual panel that is accessed by login and password. That is, only you can access your CONTROL PANEL. We take care of your privacy and the control of the captured data from the monitored cell phone. Gabriel Spy is the best in quality, fair price, more complete, more alternative functions, fast data loading, easy navigation and data reading panel.

How to Control Panel works Gabriel Spy


REMEMBER: You need to have physical access to the mobile device to make the settings and to install the Gabriel Spy application. There are 3 important settings to do. Without these settings, the cell phone will not let you monitor the TARGET person. Watch the videos below or CLICK HERE and see the step by step of the settings you need to make on the mobile phone to monitor the person. We guarantee 100% application operation if the monitored cell phone is compatible with the spy software and is working properly without corrupted Android system.


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Meet our company and know why you can trust our work. We work 24 hours online to provide the best to our users. When purchasing a registration key, you count on our support 24 hours a day. We are a company legally constituted with CNPJ, permit of operation and own headquarters. LEARN MORE. In this link you can read our TERMS OF USE. We also have an express policy on privacy of your data, read our PRIVACY POLICY to know more about information about users. And be sure to read our LEGAL NOTICE to more important information about our Parental Monitoring Software.

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